Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yurt Film

We at the Colorado Yurt Company have long be interested in a certain genre of film that comes from countries in and near the former Soviet Union. Films like The Cave of the Yellow Dog and
Mongolian Ping Pong depict modern nomads and the slow but certain modification of their lives out on the Central Asian Steppe. These films usually move fairly slowly- smiles and glances, not bomb-blasts or love affairs, move the plot along. And there are always slow pans of heart-breakingly beautiful and desolate landscapes and, of course, yurts. In fact, film reviewer, Andrew O'Hehir, recently dubbed this sub-genre "Yurt Cinema" and reviewed a film called Tulpan which he calls the Citzen Kane of Yurt Cinema. We've not yet seen the movie but can't wait. We'd love to hear from anyone that has seen the picture or about any films that you feel fit into the "Yurt Cinema" genra. Check out O'Hehir's review of Tulpan.

*Promotional photo for
Tulpan provided by Zeitgeist Films.