Thursday, May 7, 2009

Music, Mountains, Yurt

We recently installed a 27 foot yurt for musician and designer of Freenotes Musical Instruments, Richard Cooke. The yurt will be used as a music studio. The instruments and the yurt come together to create a magical and zen atmosphere in the beautiful mountains of Durango, Colorado. Take a look and a listen.

Freenotes provides a system enabling non-musicians to step into the satisfying experience of playing music solo or in a group. The collection of instruments is designed to be played together easily because there are no wrong notes. Knowledge of music, keys or scales is not necessary. Freenotes provides a unique way of interacting through spontaneous creative expression. The sounds created are always pleasing. Freenotes Instruments can be found in school playgrounds, municipal parks or community projects all over the world.

Turns out Richard is friends with Bill Coperthwaite, often referred to as the founder of modern yurts in the western world. We, of course, thought that was pretty cool.